TFL at Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf has over 14m square feet of office space, a workforce of over 100,000 wealthy professionals, an ever expanding residential population, and a program of cultural events attracting millions of visitors every year. The vast majority of the journeys in and out of Canary Wharf are on the TFL network.

In 2011 Wildwood completed the successful marketing of 6 units at Canary Wharf along side Cushman & Wakefield on behalf of TFL. So in 2020 it was nice to work on the next phase of the marketing of 9 additional new units. A new name and brand were rolled out over a comprehensive marketing campaign in both printed and digital media. A targeted html campaign delivered exceptional click rates to the website where through a designated login data room, visitors could view and download specific unit information. The campaign was helped by carefully crafted CGI’s and art directed photography.


Transport for London


Branding / CGI's / HTML campaign / Photography / Website / Window graphics /