Good sleep changes everything

Sleep.8 is a furniture and sleep lifestyle brand, combining sleep wellness expertise with a range of products to help you achieve those perfect 8 hours sleep. From made-to-order beds, sofa beds and mattresses, to specialised premium bedding and science-led sleep aid technology.

Sleep.8 working alongside Newmark contacted Wildwood asking for a Brand Deck document to help present and introduce Sleep.8 further overseas, with a desire and funding in place to reach 180 stores over the next 3 years. The primary targets: Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the USA.

Sleep.8 says,
“Good sleep changes everything”.

At Wildwood we say,
“Good design changes everything”…

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The structure behind the brand

MPH Advisory is an independent consultancy that strategically supports businesses navigate transition and transformational opportunity.

They partner with clients in evaluating their strategic challenges, providing independent advice and practical solutions to complex business issues.

Wildwood were asked to deliver a brand that reflected the key values of mph advisory. Key to this process was transparency – taking an in depth look at the layers that naturally build up within a business, structurally and operationally, understanding the objectives and goals, and offering advice and expertise that is honest, professional, and objective.

The brand mark takes this idea of transparency and uses it to reveal the structure behind the brand logo.

It’s all in the detail…

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Named after the well-respected region in France, musigny is a wine company that partners with world class growers to select the finest product and with producers to make the season’s finest wines, connecting them to wine lovers around the world.

Wildwood were asked to develop a brand that reflected musigny’s offering in a way that would speak to the connoisseur and wine lover.

A symbol was designed that reflected the various different stages of wine production. The grapes on the vine, the stacked barrels as the wine matures, and the arrangement of the bottles in storage and even corks.

The symbol along with the brand is supported by a strap line and beautifully atmospheric photography that brings the process to life.

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Brought back to life

Victoria Circus is a small retail complex on the periphery of Victoria Station, next to Victoria Street and Buckingham Palace Road. It’s a Grade II listed Victorian building with
beautiful period features including original windows, lighting, and ironwork. During a long period of decline it disappeared into its heavily trafficked surroundings.

Now it has been brought back to life by its owners, Transport for London.

Wildwood used colourful shapes and textures which are visually dynamic through the variation in size and colour to help produce some striking window graphics throughout the arcade. Wildwood not only undertook the design but also the print and installation along with a series of earlier produced CGI’s from supplied architect plans and finishes.

Out with the Old, in with the New…

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Making a Marque

Wildwood were asked by JLL on behalf of La Francaise Real Estate to produce some marketing letting graphics for a leisure unit in the City of London.

Taking on board the style of the building and focusing in on the finer details, we were able to link the vinyls in a subtle manner using the metal work above the main entrance into a wallpaper marque. This was then used across all the panels to enclose the brand, copy and contact details. Viewing holes were cut in strategic positions to allow strong sight lines into the unit.

The graphics installed were Contra Vision, a material which allows light into the unit but once inside allows uninterrupted views out.

We left our marque…


Baker Street Take 2

Following on from our work at Baker Street back in June 2021 for Transport for London working alongside JLL.

Wildwood were asked to produce marketing material for another Retail, Restaurant and Leisure opportunity. Two conceptual CGI’s of the external and interior of the unit were produced which formed part of the interactive pdf. This was complimented by external vinyl graphics to support the marketing material for maximum high street presence.

Wildwood extended its comprehensive service offering by producing fully measured CAD/DWG files of the unit.


New Year, New Look for WTL

Wimbledon Tennis Lettings provides residential accommodation to the International Tennis Industry for the Annual Wimbledon Tennis Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) for Players, Coaches, Agents, TV & Media and Corporate Clients.

Having worked with Margaret at WTL since 2008, it’s good to know that apart from the relationship like with many of our clients, the Brand we developed has also lasted the test the time. However, following a year or so of global disruption, it provided WTL and Wildwood with an opportunity for an overall look at the brand and the marketing strategy. WTL are delighted with the results.

Game, Set & Match…

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Transport for London

We are pleased to announce that following a stringent tendering procurement process, Wildwood are successful in being reappointed to work on TFL’s diverse property portfolio across In-Station and Out-Station properties within the M25 and Central London.

Transport for London are one of London’s largest land and property owners.


Credit where Credit’s due

Canary Wharf is one of the world’s most prominent business, leisure and living districts. One Cabot Square covering 164,587 sq ft over 18 floors is positioned in the heart of Canary Wharf and is the second largest building located at Canary Wharf.

Credit Suisse asked Wildwood working along side JLL to market a 6,329 sq ft ground floor unit, benefitting from a striking waterside frontage with potential for substantial outside seating.

With such a prominent frontage Wildwood designed an interactive pdf and installed window graphics using a perforated film material called Contra Vision which allows light inside the unit and occupiers inside to see out over the striking waterside frontage.

Credit where Credit’s due both the client and agent were absolutely delighted with the outcome.


Cat Dal Interiors

Cat Dal Interiors work across a variety of projects with a diverse portfolio from private client homes and consultancy, to luxury developments and retail spaces.

Wildwood were asked to develop a brand and roll out across a Stationery range and Website showcasing a strong use of Photography on completed projects.

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Baker Street

Transport for London working alongside JLL asked Wildwood to produce marketing material for a Retail, Restaurant and Leisure opportunity at Baker Street. Photography of the local area was taken along with producing three conceptual CGI’s of the external and interior of the units which formed part of the interactive pdf.

Window / Unit printed graphics were also produced and installed for maximum high street presence.


We Are London

Transport for London are one of London’s largest land and property owners.

Following a stringent procurement process in 2019, Wildwood were appointed to help increase the awareness and profile of TFL’s diverse property portfolio across Central London from kiosks, In-Station, Out-Station, Arches and Crossrail.

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itis Helsiki Finland

We renamed the centre from Itäkeskus to itis.

20 million visitors, 265 shops, €400-450 million turnover. itis a super-regional shopping centre located in Eastern Helsinki that boasts the highest store count and the largest retail area of any shopping centre in Finland. Since the Brand re-positioning itis now the largest shopping centre in the Nordic countries.

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East+ delivered for the Greater London Authority

The Greater London Authority were seeking a partner with the skills, financial resources, commitment and ambition to deliver a significant quantum of new industrial development in east London.

Working with the GLA along side Lambert Smith Hampton, Wildwood delivered a cohesive brand from name generation and roll out across various media.

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TFL units get a little TLC

Across a number of locations within the M25 we were asked by TFL to provide conceptual CGI’s on units of all sizes that needed a little TLC. No plans or drawings were supplied, we simply took reference photos and worked our magic in producing high quality images for use in marketing material.

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