MPH Advisory

MPH Advisory is an independent consultancy that strategically supports businesses navigate transition and transformational opportunity.

Specialising in financial, professional services, automotive, real estate and consumer sectors. MPH services include: Business Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital Markets and Business Transformation.

Key to the process is transparency – taking an in depth look at the layers that naturally build up within a business, structurally and operationally, understanding the objectives and goals, and offering advice and expertise that is honest, professional, and objective.

The brand mark takes this idea of transparency and uses it to reveal the structure behind the brand logo – seeing all the component parts and capturing all of the hidden detail.

Transforming a business can be a hard thing to navigate, especially for founders passionate about its success. Something that we encountered again and again as we refined the brand, was how to represent a business being both structurally sound and solid, but also changing and evolving, sometimes rapidly.

Supporting the brand mark is stunning close-up imagery of agate, that becomes quite abstract – at once both fluid change and enduring permanence are revealed when you crack the rock open and discover where the real value lies.


MPH Advisory


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