Named after the well-respected region in France, musigny is a wine company that partners with world class producers, and connects them to wine lovers around the world.

Working with growers to select the finest product, working with producers to make the season’s finest wines and then laying them down until they are aged to perfection, you can benefit for your own self indulgence or from your investment in the way that suits you best.

The symbol itself is representative of these three stages – the grapes on the vine, the stacked barrels as the wine matures, and the arrangement of the bottles in storage. But it also carries subtle references to the language of investment and finance, paired with a distinctive typeface that is contemporary which takes on a very traditional, monastic style.

Underneath it all is a simple strap line vine. wine. consign. that reinforces the offering in a way that will be easily remembered.

The brand is supported by beautifully atmospheric photography that brings the process to life in a way that will speak to the connoisseur – quality, care and attention, the hand of the expert, and the time required to create something special to enjoy and of true value.




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