Victoria Circus

Victoria Circus is a small retail complex on the periphery of Victoria Station, next to Victoria Street and Buckingham Palace Road. It’s a Grade II listed Victorian building with beautiful period features including original windows, lighting, and ironwork. During a long period of decline it disappeared into its heavily trafficked surroundings, unnoticed by the many thousands of travellers and commuters who pass it every day.

Now it has been brought back to life by its owners, Transport for London, its heritage features restored and gleaming, as a hub for boutique independent retail, an island of colour, indulgence, and delight in one of London’s busiest locations.

Working with an existing brand guidelines, Wildwood applied its detail to reflect the diversity of Victoria Circus and the eclectic feel of architecture and people. The brand uses colourful shapes and textures which are visually dynamic through the variation in size and colour to help produce some striking window graphics throughout the arcade. Wildwood not only undertook the design but also the print and installation.

Having previously generated a series of CGI’s from supplied architect plans and finishes, it was nice to see and be involved with the final process.



Victoria Circus


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